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Ministry Partner of the Month: LIRS & LSS

Minnesota has a long and proud tradition of helping refugees find safety and establish new lives in our community, dating back to World War II.

Today refugees come from many parts of the world, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Burma (Myanmar), Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Somalia. These refugees have escaped war, religious persecution and violence in their homes.

When refugees arrive in Minnesota, they come with very little­–usually what they can fit in a suitcase and the clothes they are wearing. They need a place to live, a job to sustain their families and emotional support to recover from losses and traumatic experiences they have endured.

Lutheran Social Services (LSS) works with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) to help refugees get established. They assist with securing housing, finding employment, enrolling in school and English classes, connecting to medical care and orienting them to their community.

Your monetary donation will help fund these services. You can give to our ministry partner of the month in person or online at

Learn more about this program at


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