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Singing together as a congregation is a core value of Oak Knoll Lutheran Church.

Our worship services blend traditional and modern music, and each Sunday at Oak Knoll is a different music experience. One Sunday may have traditional hymns, European-style classical music, and choral singing. The next Sunday may feature folk music, spirituals, gospel music, or singer-songwriter John Hermanson. The next Sunday one might hear music from Africa, Russia, or South Africa! At Oak Knoll, we celebrate the diverse expressions of faith through music from around the world. In addition to our music staff and volunteer congregant musicians, special music from guest artists can regularly be heard in worship.

Oak Knoll Lutheran Church has excellent music facilities.

The sanctuary has a beautiful acoustic with a Rodgers organ, a Yamaha grand piano, and a Zuckerman harpsichord. We also have two electric pianos, two upright pianos, a full set of handbells, and various percussion instruments.

In addition to musical offerings in worship, Oak Knoll features a concert series and occasional music history classes. Check for upcoming music events!



Want to share your passion for music? Get involved in music at Oak Knoll!

Vocal Choir

The choir plays an important role in Sunday worship singing anthems and leading the congregation in liturgical singing and hymnody. Adult and teen singers rehearse together Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30pm, September through May. Ideally, singers will commit to choir for the year, but many singers choose to come just a few times a year or in the weeks leading up to major holidays. An ability to read music, while helpful, is not required. You are welcome - come as you are!

Handbell Choir

This group performs approximately four times per year, rehearsing a few weeks prior to scheduled presentations. Directed by Beth Key, the Handbell Choir is open to adults and teens who have some ability to read music. Please contact Pastor Michele to participate.

Cantors and Soloists

We are always looking for new cantors for our liturgies and soloists during worship. Anyone of any skill level is invited to sing in worship.

Instrument Team

Do you play an instrument such as violin or saxophone? Opportunities for solos, duets, or choral/instrument pieces are always available. Volunteer instrumentalists of all ages are welcome to participate. We love hearing the musical gifts brought to worship by both children and adults.

Sunday School Singers

Our Sunday School children sing during worship a few times per year and also lead us in worship with their singing one Sunday during the Christmas season.

Please reach out to Matt Cerar at to get involved in any of these music opportunities.
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