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Council Update

Greetings to all Oak Knoll members and friends! School will be out soon for our young members and summer is right around the corner. Our last council meeting was a very positive one with good discussions. After the minutes of the last meeting and the treasurer’s report were approved, a few old business items were further discussed.

There are two areas of the roof that have approx. 1-3 years of use left before replacement will be needed. We are requesting quotes for those two sections and a quote for the remaining sections that were not recently completed. A comparison of both will be made at the next council meeting.

We are still working on a future meeting for our youth and their families to discuss youth mental health and wellbeing. Stay tuned for additional information.

The issue of improving the sound during services was also discussed and a bid was awarded for a new speaker system. As mentioned in past updates, this project was one of the focuses of our 2023 Stewardship drive. Installation of the new system will start as soon as possible.

The council is still exploring ways to make Oak Knoll more inviting for all ages and is finalizing a short list of activities to unveil. Stay tuned!

Regarding new business, Pastor Steve Olson, our Bridge Pastor, attended our meeting and shared a few early perceptions of our church and congregation, including the “wonderful choir”, the extraordinary way Oak Knoll opens its doors to several community groups, and our solid attendance, post-Covid.

In other new business, the Executive Committee has offered a contract for the Music Director position to an individual, but as this letter is written, the contract has not been signed yet. Stay tuned for the very good news coming soon!

Pastor Michele was very busy preparing for the Neighborhood Meal that was a big success with just under 200 people attending. She also was very appreciative of the help from Pastor Steve, who jumped into the partnership with her starting right away on his first day. She has also been very involved with the Music Director selection process.

Intern Pastor Ben shared that he graduated from seminary on May 21st, so as this is written, he is an official seminary graduate! He is working on several projects tied to graduation and is continuing to lead the men’s bible study. He is also looking forward to being on the youth trip to Christikon this summer. He will also be officiating a funeral soon.

Lastly, I want to thank the OK staff for all their support! Oak Knoll is a great place to find both friendship and fellowship. Peace to you all!

John Burman, 2023 Church Council President


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