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Why Does Oak Knoll Lutheran Church Matter?

Written by Pastor Jay Rudi

At Oak Knoll Lutheran Church, the love of God is at the very core of who we are and why we are a vital and life-giving community. We embrace serving as a second home where our members and visitors too, find solace, purpose, and an important sense of belonging.

God’s love in action describes our life together as we serve God, fellow congregants, and the broader neighborhood. This happens from the earliest stages of life in our preschool to the

formative years of Sunday School and confirmation, from faith-strengthening experiences at Luther Crest and Christikon, to the camaraderie of Beacon Interfaith meetings, cherished friendships, community events, neighborhood meals, the harmonious sounds of our choir, and the serenity of our beautiful worship services.

Oak Knoll is more than a place of worship; it's a second home.

Within these welcoming walls, you'll discover an environment that both affirms and challenges you to draw nearer to God's kingdom, as one member, Zoey, beautifully expresses. Oak Knoll is a special place where we can openly share our love and gratitude to God.

A foundation of Oak Knoll is our deep involvement in numerous outreach programs. This, combined with our close-knit, welcoming community, ensures that Oak Knoll remains a place where you can truly be yourself, just as Dylan notes.

For many, Oak Knoll is a sanctuary—a place for worship, a source of learning, a cradle of comfort, a refuge for healing, a hub for friendship, and a font of joy. It's no wonder that for our community, Oak Knoll is more than a place of worship; it's a second family.

Our church's "Pew Sisters" Bible Study offers a sense of camaraderie and support, emphasizing the open conversation and study that defines our community. For long-standing members like one who has been with us since the early 1960s, Oak Knoll holds a special place, providing a chance for everyone to meet, know, and grow together. The sermons, music, and every facet of Oak Knoll hold immense significance for these cherished individuals.

For other members, Oak Knoll is not merely a place to congregate, but a place that provides space for sacred moments and experiences of God as we worship together.

In every area of Oak Knoll Lutheran Church’s ministry, you will find opportunities to share, learn, and experience God in your life.

Together, we are the place where you come to hear the word and receive the good news of Jesus, and where God’s love is put into Action.

This month, you will receive an invitation to participate in our ministry through your giving for 2024. Our goal is to raise an additional $50,000 for ministry next year.

The goal is achievable if each of the two hundred giving families at Oak Knoll contributes an additional $250 a year to their current giving. Another perspective is to view this challenge as an additional $5 per week for each family, ensuring the continuous growth of our ministry. If you can give more, it would be a blessing.

Please look for the Generosity letter, brochure, and Generosity Intention card in the mail in the coming week. And prayerfully consider your financial gift for the coming year

Our Oak Knoll Lutheran Church is a gift to so many! Thank you for making it so! Thank you all for your time, talents, and treasure and for putting them to work for the sake of our mission: Growing the Fruits of God’s Kingdom! And for putting God’s love into action!


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