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The Gathering at Oak Knoll (Testimony)

The Gathering provides respite for caregivers of family members experiencing early to mid-stage memory loss while their loved ones enjoy engaging programming in a safe and welcoming setting.

The Gathering at Oak Knoll meets twice a month, on Thursdays, from 10:00am - 3:00 pm. The sessions are planned and led by a marvelous group of volunteers. Each participant has a “buddy” volunteer to help them with the activities. An agenda is sent to the caregiver at the beginning of the week. Each session is designed to be socially and cognitively stimulating.

Oak Knoll members have provided many amazing presentations. In addition, other guest speakers, musicians, or artists might be on the day’s schedule. The Gathering helps the person living with memory loss to continue to do the things they can do and even some things they thought they could no longer do. Having a “buddy” makes this possible.

For the caregiver it is a respite time - time to do something for themselves, have lunch with a friend, schedule a dental appointment or just be at home to read a book and not be interrupted. In addition, the volunteers keep in touch with the participants and caregivers with emails and e-cards during the month not just on The Gathering days. We stay connected all month long.

The Gathering is an invaluable service to the dementia community. A special thank you from all the caregivers to Oak Knoll Lutheran for providing the space, the days filled with stimulation and learning, and for

supporting The Gathering.


Marv and Elaine

Gathering Participant and Caregiver


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