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Love In Action - 2023 Generosity

Thank you for your wonderful response to our 2024 Generosity Campaign! We have so much to be thankful for as we look upon our life and the gifts God has given us. Your gifts are helping us plan for 2024!


Many have already responded to the invitation. As of December 31st, we have received 105 intentions for giving totaling $436,000! 67 of you have increased your generosity intentions by $55,000 in new giving! Thank you! Your joyful response is a gift we can all celebrate as a church community!

Thank you to everyone who turned in an Intention for Giving Card. Every gift matters and every gift is significant. Thank you for sharing God’s blessings to further grow our vital ministry!


If you haven’t yet returned your Intention for Giving Card, you can still do so. Fill out a card online or mail it to the church office.


God’s blessings have continued to flow, and we are living out God’s call to grow the fruits of God’s kingdom! Thank you for your faithful response and partnership in ministry!


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