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Generosity Q & A

What is money?

Money is a form of servanthood. It is a means through which we can impact others, share what God has first given us, and provide for not only our needs but the needs of others.

Is money good or bad? Money is not good or bad. It is a tool and resource that can be used to do great things. Or it can be used for trivial things too. Our use of money reflects our values and priorities.

What is generosity?

The Bible shows us that God is a generous God. As those made in God’s image, we are created to be generous too. Our use of money, the choices we make with it, is important to God. To grow in our generosity is to grow into whom God has made us to be and become.

Generosity is one of the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22,23. This passage shows us that when a fruit of the spirit is present, then God is there too. And this passage also shows us the fruits we are to cultivate and grow in ourselves as God’s people.

Why do we give to Oak Knoll? Why give to a church?

God has created us to share God’s story as lived out by Jesus with the world. We are gathered as a community called the church so that we are both formed by this story and to impact the world through our words and deeds. Our giving fuels this work of living as God’s people in community and it facilitates our ability to live this good news with our neighbors near and far.

How is Oak Knoll funded?

Oak Knoll Lutheran is a non-profit. Giving from congregation members, guests, and some rental income from outside groups provide all the income that Oak Knoll receives. We are entirely self-supporting as a church. Funds don’t come from a larger church or from the government or any other source. Giving from our members is how we do ministry and make sure we can be a source of hope, life-change, and new life for our members and for our neighborhood.

Why does the church invite people to commit to a gift for the coming year?

Our church leaders make plans in the fall of each year for the following year’s ministry, activities, and work. The congregation approves those plans as a budget at our annual meeting. Our giving helps leaders make plans so that we are the best stewards of everyone’s gifts.


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