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Council Update

Happy Spring to all OK congregation members and friends! “Stuff” is popping out of the ground and the colors are coming back. At our last council meeting we covered a number of items, and the discussion was very positive on many fronts. After approving last month’s meeting minutes and the current treasurer’s report, we had only one old business item to address. Last month the fire alarm sound and strobes were updated and all that remained was the sign off by the fire marshal, and that has officially been completed.

For New Business items, we further discussed items regarding the church property:

  • EFIS – The “stucco” type surface of the building was inspected by a contractor and no major areas of concern were detected. All areas are being affected by normal wear and tear, but no repairs are currently needed.

  • Roof Repair/Replacement – We received an inspection from Central Roofing, the contractor that replaced the roof section over the sanctuary a few years back. They presented an aerial diagram that labeled the areas of the roof and the estimated life of each section before replacement was needed. It was determined that the section over the preschool has the least amount of life left and consideration of replacing that section next will need to be discussed soon.

  • Speakers for the Sanctuary – The council received two bids for this project, which was agreed to be completed this year, per our Stewardship project election, and those bids will be examined and discussed at the next meeting.

Oak Knoll Church activities for this year – The council prioritized activities that they felt were the most important to carry out this year that were directed at making Oak Knoll a place for worship and fellowship for all ages. Those items will be finalized at our next meeting.

As you all were informed recently, Oak Knoll is currently without a Music Director. The process of bringing in a replacement will start soon.

As is required, the council motioned to accept the new members who officially joined Oak Knoll at the April 23rd service. Welcome to those new members!

Pastor Jay updated the council on what all he will be doing and the places he will be going to when his sabbatical starts in May. The council wished him all the best. He also announced a representative from LPGM will be at the May 7th service to provide info. and updates on the Indian children Oak Knoll is sponsoring. Lastly, Oak Knoll will be welcoming a new intern in August after intern Ben’s year is completed. His name is Bryce Boomersbach.

Intern Ben reported he has started the men’s bible study, his internship project, and 10 men attended the first meeting. His plan is to have men’s bible study meet the first Sunday of each month after the service. He is also wrapping up his studies at seminary and getting ready for a call after he completes his year at Oak Knoll this August. He will also be on the youth trip to Christikon this summer. He also oversaw his first funeral recently.

Pastor Michele reported she is getting her feet back on the ground after her time in Florida and is preparing for Pastor Jay’s sabbatical. She has been very active with the book study bible group and the Monday women’s bible group. She also echoed the new Prayground has been a big hit and her grandchildren were very involved with it.

Lastly, my sincere thanks to the council and the OK staff for all their support! Not only is Oak Knoll a great place for worship, it’s also a great place for fellowship for all ages!

Blessings to you all!

John Burman


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