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Beacon Housing Update

Affordable Housing Accomplishments in Minnesota

The Oak Knoll Beacon Committee received the following letter from Beacon Interfaith Housing, notifying us about a major win for affordable housing in Minnesota. We are excited to share this letter with the Oak Knoll community!

Dear Oak Knoll Beacon Committee,

I am excited that we have won major accomplishments this legislative session because of all of your advocacy! The Housing Omnibus bill has passed both the House and Senate and awaits the Governor’s signature to become law.

In the bill, we celebrate:

  • We established the first step of Bring it Home, Minnesota, with all ongoing resources! It will create nearly 5,500 new rent support vouchers using the funds from a new Metro Sales Tax and ongoing appropriations.

  • $200 million in capital dollars to build new affordable housing in the state.

  • $25 million for a new “strengthen supportive housing program” that will fill currently unfunded but necessary elements to supportive housing like front desk and security personnel.

You can find a good review of the bill in this Star Tribune article, too.

Beacon started the Bring it Home, Minnesota campaign four years ago with the bold vision that we should push for a solution as big as the problem of housing insecurity. Over 30 organizations and countless advocates from our collaborative of congregations are now part of the effort. The energy we built included both housing chairs Rep. Michael Howard and Senator Lindsey Port, who fought tirelessly to create the program this year.

We are excited to establish the FIRST EVER general rent support program in the state and create step one on our journey to meeting the full need. The nearly 5,500 vouchers will be transformational in the lives of the recipients and build more momentum for our campaign. We are grateful for everyone who showed up this legislative session, either by coming to the capitol or sending an email or postcard. All of our advocacy made this happen!

The new capital dollars and operating money for affordable housing will create money that Beacon can apply for as we continue to create and operate supportive housing across the metro.

This bill is a big win for the state, for advocates of affordable housing, and the entire Beacon collaborative. But it’s especially a win for the 5,500 individuals and families who will finally get the rent support they deserve, the rent support that will finally offer them stability and the chance to look to the future with confidence.

Let’s celebrate this win and then keep working so all people have a home!


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