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Pastor Jay Sabbatical

Next month, I will begin my three-month sabbatical (May 1st through July 31st.) I am grateful for this time away to replenish and renew and for those who have and will make it possible. I thank the past and current Executive Committee members Mike Shetka, John Burman, Jessica McKenna, Lori Gardner, and Erika Vickerman for their support and approval of my sabbatical. I too am grateful for our staff who will continue to provide ministry to the congregation and community. Pastor Michele will be head of staff, and along with Intern Ben Dyrhaug, you will have bridge pastor Steven Olson with you. He will work with the pastoral and music staff to provide preaching, worship leadership, and pastoral care from May through July.

On April 30th, there will be a sending blessing at the end of the worship service that I hope you can attend.

Again, thank you to the Oak Knoll congregation, leaders, and staff! I am extremely grateful and excited.

Peace be with you,

Pastor Jay Rudi


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