Funerals and Remembrance Garden

Oak Knoll is able to assist with funeral preparations during your time of loss. If you need to schedule a funeral, please contact one of the pastors (if outside office hours, call the emergency number on the voicemail system) at 952.546.5433, or email the church office at For more detailed information, please review our Oak Knoll Funeral Planning Booklet.

Oak Knoll has an on-site Remembrance Garden, that combines columbarium niches and memorial wall inscriptions. The niches provide a peaceful resting place for loved ones' cremated remains whereas the memorial wall is a beautiful way to remember loved ones. This garden is an extension of our church's facilities—a permanent resting place where family and friends can gather to remember loved ones.

Print or view the following for more information on the Remembrance Garden:

Remembrance Garden Niche Reservation Form provides details about our columbarium niches and 1/2 niche option.
Memorial Wall Inscription Reservation Form provides for details about our memorial wall inscriptions.

Contact the church office at for additional information.


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Funerals at Oak Knoll